The Angel

Ominous dark sealing the sky
Trees smell pierced and dry;
Truce of hell and conviction of mourn
Steal the life from over the veins.

A haze of unjust and sorrow,
Swipe down the joy of care;
It seems to him,
The god has gone unfair.

Résidu faith and believe
Challenged and murdered by brutal saucer.
Turning him to marionnetté
With a loop of dead walkers.

Gone are hope gone are faith
Life full of regular émploi.
Thriving every chunk
Oublié joy of remembrance.

But one day, a flèche  of light
Invade and pierce the glum sky;
And reach him like
Nouvéau  sun to rise.

Brought the joy of love n care
triggering the flames of firey glare;
In him and in him
the faith of unrolling light and strength to fight.

The flèche of light
The angel of Supreme;
He holds the angel;
In the heart at every site.


Author: Adarsha Das


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