Love Her

Over the sea is a rising sun,
I saw it in dream
Like a little one
Aiming skies for thriving mind
But never cared for shattered heart.

Bygone the era of stolen flute
Her feet flickers on the land of light
But never gone memories de flute-er god,
Neither the music he played for her.

When I see you
seem the same girl
The girl bare feet, touching the land of light
But still thriving for her flute-er god.

Waking me up from silence bed,
Her musical payal, drive me up to walk in sun.
Yes! I am alive. I yelled out,
I yelled it loud in a true hold of life.

I fell for her,
Like a thousand times, over and over again.
It keeps draining me but
The candle of hope never dropped again.

Nouvéau  strength, hope and desire
Flooded the dead blood
Rising a new sun
Egresses the love dañs me.

I said “la  jauné fillé!! U the god’s grace”
“Never thy god return”
Said an melancholy voice
Dripping tears from lowered eyes
With a smile in polished lips
She turn around and walk far away.

The sun hurried
To make the dawn again
With her fading presence
The winter start swiping high.

The flowers started twining down
And dryness sweep into leaves veins.
I felt as if
The mourn is to arrive again.

Tied freed the less,
guts perdus accumulés
I ran to the Fillé seulé.
Hold her hands, and asked
“Voulez-vous danser”
“Sur ma musique” .

She said into nothingness
But with a glow on her face.
Time stalled and then ran fast inverted
Until I pulled her close
And kissed her rose.

A smile conquered her rose
For an eternity of sun’s life.
And there comes a duet of us
On the floor of eternal light.


Author: Adarsha Das


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